Reece is an experience travel agent, arranging journeys and experiences for our local, national and global clients from our headquarters in Sydney since March 2007.

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Meet Reece

Why travel?

I love challenging myself with different cultures and experiences. There are so many varied destinations in the world so my list of holidays is very long and growing!!

What is your favourite destination?

I have been very fortunate to travel to India twice in the past 8 months, and am forever amazed at this very diverse country. It is a huge country with beaches, deserts, mountains (even skiing), wet lands and fantastic cities! It also has a fascinating history, and beautiful temples, forts and palaces, plus fantastic food and luxurious hotels!! In India I have also experienced some of the friendliest people and enjoyed the best service anywhere…

Where would you like to live?

Tough one! My ultimate goal is to follow the sun, so I cannot narrow this down to one place…. I would love to spend part of my year in each of the following; beautiful Bali overlooking a rice field, relaxing on a Greek Island near the beach, chilling in the desert of Palm Springs, and the remainder in fabulous Sydney.

Where’s the next destination on your list?

I always have a few trips planned. How can you not!! My next trip is to Vietnam for a birthday which will be my fourth trip there, and I can’t wait! I must say I am finding the Middle East fascinating, so want to go to Iran and Lebanon as my next big trips!! We have had a few clients travel to Iran, and they all loved it!!

What are your top 5 travel tips?

As long as you travel with a credit card you can pretty much get anything you need whilst travelling, so I am never too stressed about taking everything!! I definitely pack Nurafen, my iPod with both my chilled music to fall asleep to on flights and also my upbeat gym tracks, a good trashy novel to read by the pool (and there will always be a pool), and my sense of humour and adventure!! Travelling is an amazing experience and you just have to remember this!!

What is a must-have in your suitcase when travelling?

Plenty of socks as I hate washing them in the basin, and they always turn out a bit stiff afterwards!!